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February 10, 2009


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Christine Harris, Cultural Alliance

Hi, Crickettoes.

I am asking you and your readers to engage - not just with the Cultural Alliance but with whatever format(s) comes out of the start of a community creative conversation at Lake Lawn. It will take all of us who are truly committed to the greater good to make this a distinctive, engaging and desirable creative community. You will be seeing an invitation to a totally open conversation about next steps and how to get involved early next week - promise.

And, another thing I just have to say. In the interest of full disclosure, you, Crickettoes, was indeed invited to attend the Summit, as were a couple of other individual artists, and you couldn't get there. In the end, the reason why really doesn't matter - invited individual artist voices weren't there. (There were several people there who are selling artists and happen to wear other hats,too.) No artist invited suggested an alternative person nor asked for help to get there. I think that's a pity and a missed opportunity so please don't keep blaming us for not having artists there, even though it wouldn't have been enough and we have all acknowledged we could have done better. Time to move on.

So, all of the above being said, what would you like those of us who were at the Summit to do to engage you now? What would work to get you at the table?

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