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May 19, 2009


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Ben Turk

When the White Whale, Spackle and Armoury all opened in quick succession a while ago, everyone kind of knew all three couldn't possibly survive. But now all three have folded, and paper boat as well, The Borg Ward has reduced it's gallery events and clearly depends more on the music component to remain open, and struggling at that.

I vaguely remember questions at the time about why MIGA formed instead of these galleries joining MADA. The MIGA founders said that membership in MADA is too expensive. The loss of all these galleries in spite of their efforts to cooperate, their clear good business sense, and their obvious dedication indicates that there is something wrong with visual art in Milwaukee that cannot be blamed on the new gallery owners. If these gallery owners did anything wrong it was showing too much good art, not enough bland living room hangings or established names or movements.

Mostly, I'd like to know where MADA stands. Did they consider MIGA competition or possible allies? Are they happy to see these galleries close, or do they regret not doing more to help cross-over between the different demographics, which might have been mutually beneficial? Have they made public statements about this that i missed, or are these fledgling galleries too small to even show up on MADA's insular radar of significant arts organizations?

Mary Dally-Muenzmaier

All fair and good questions, Ben. I'll try do a follow-up on the issues you've brought forth here.



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