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February 12, 2009


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Christine Harris, Cultural Alliance

Hi, Cricky! My response yesterday is out in cyberspace somewhere(beware falling epistles), so I will attempt to repeat.

First, thanks Crickettoes for keeping open and productive dialogue going - I love it!

With regard to getting others involved, I asked Rex Winsome for a list of people/organizations that may not be on our radar and he sent lots of wonderful stuff. I extend the invitation. In fact, you can now go to http://www.culturalalliancemke.org/ and sign up to volunteer for the Creative Coalition (currently says Cultural but that will be changed) to get involved. More details will follow.

Rex also sent some information on the type of artist funding you suggest, Cricky, from the Twin Cities and we will take a closer look at that, too.

With regard to the clearing house idea, in fact you will see on the Low Hanging Fruit flip chart on the Kre8Kamp website that this is in fact something that is being developed now. It will be quite a comprehensive connection tool - with very hip resources. Despite what seems like an easy thing, this type of resource, done well, takes time to develop.

And finally, yes, I understand the jaded perspective because our community has never yet developed a creative plan to chart our destiny collaboratively. But I will say that this is the most collaborative approach I have seen in my 25 years of arts administration in Milwaukee. Like our Prez says, "We aren't going to get it all right, not everything will work as we think, but I'll keep working to bring us all together".

So, let's give it another shot, shall we?

Have a good weekend, all!

Christine Harris, Cultural Alliance

Oh, one more thing.

The Alliance is working very closely with MARN and we believe in partnering and strengthening MARN. Therefore, I would suggest that any individual artist resource, such as the job bank, is a project for MARN. The Alliance can announce and create a link, but this should be a MARN-owned resource.

Mary Dally-Muenzmaier

Thanks for the update, Christine. All sounds good. Forward we go!



hey, i wasn't invited either!

Pegi's ideas is great for milwaukee. there should be one clear concise resource for all cultural events in milwaukee that would be targeted to all age groups and sub-cultures.

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